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Official unveiling of Springboard’s mosaic that was made by families at Pembroke Dock Community School in celebration of Pembroke Dock’s Bicentenary.

The mosaics were sponsored by the Bicentenary Committee of Pembroke Dock and were made under the direction of local artist Ben Lloyd. They feature images inspired by the Sunderland flying boat, the Martello Tower and the prominent shipping history of Pembroke Dock.
This picture captures the canopy that Springboard students designed to improve the welcome area of the LRC in Pembroke Dock Community School. Many of the students on the course have children in the LRC and were able to bring their knowle...dge and experience of the environmental factors that affect children with ASC.

Of the various designs that the students developed, the one that the school commissioned Emma Lloyd to make was the one that takes on the appearance of soft undulating waves. As soon as the canopy went up it was noted that the space below was a lot cooler and calmer than before