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Titanic Immersive Day 15th January 2018

Year 5 had an incredible day today participating in their Titanic immersive day. With many dressing in costume the pupils prepared a variety of table arrangements and decorations, designed and created menus for the Captains dinner and learned and performed a waltz as they danced at the Captain's ball. The afternoon was then enjoyed taking part in the Captain's dinner with snacks and refreshments and then finished with the pupils collating all of their evidence and fun times from throughout the day to create their own presentations using a range of ICT apps and skills.


Year 5 pupils have been thoroughly engaged since they returned to school to start the term in our new topic of The Titanic. With many bringing in a wealth of knowledge from their holiday research they have enjoyed further developing their historical understanding through a range of fun activities. They have app;lied their numeracy skills to recall the size of the Titanic and have used their ICT skills to create a database of the passengers who actually boarded the ship back in 1912.

The excitement continues next week when the pupils are looking forward to their immersive day on Monday where they will relive what it was like to be a passenger on board the Titanic.