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11th January 2016










Valentine Disco



Meeting opened: 1:37pm

All classes present – Miss Ellyatt’s class were out doing PE

The school council met on Thursday on 7th January to discuss the points from the above agenda.



Following the decision to reward each class with £10 if 100% attendance is reached, the School Council wanted to discuss how this was working and whether pupils were happy.

Jamie Hammond suggested that the current system was not working as some classes were never getting 100% and would never get 100% due to the fact there was one or two individuals who always missed a session. This was also backed up by several other pupils. Viktoria suggested that maybe the school target of 95.5 or 96 % or possibly even having individual class targets to meet. Morgan felt that there needed to be more emphasis on rewarding or praising individual success such as having extra play time sessions once a month for everyone with 100%.

8 out of 17 pupils suggested having individual rewards and 13/17 pupils felt that lowering the % would be a good incentive to rewards pupils in classes who miss out due to one or two pupils who constantly are absent.

Mr Jenkins suggested taking this to Mrs Thomas to find out her views in the issues brought up by the Council.



The next point on the agenda was suggestions for buying resources using the £1000 wing budget.

Year 6 – Jungle gym, Nets over the court and more reading books in classes.

Year 5 – Nets over the courts

Year 4 More soft play equipment, climbing frames outside, role-play equipment

Year 3 – Role-play equipment, monkey bars, and more iPads for Lexia

Year 2 – Role-play equipment and goalposts

Year 1 – More apps for the iPads, books and outdoor equipment



14/17 pupils suggested they were not having enough homework.

It was suggested that learning logs and spellings have not been given out recently in Year 5 and 6(but this could be because of Christmas concerts).

Cian suggested the need for more homework with Jack mentioning Literacy being a key area. Morgan put forward the idea of having more homework in 5/6 to prepare them for comp. William requested the LRC need to have more homework.



All pupils thought the introduction of Welsh phrase of the week was a great idea, but Jack felt there needed to be differentiated phrases for KS2 and FP. Morgan and Vic suggested that because some classes did not know about the phrase, it could be introduced in assembly for the week ahead by the CymraegPDCS group. 16/17 agreed. Morgan also suggested that Welsh homework might be a good idea as it was mentioned in the parents’ questionnaires a few weeks ago.


Valentine’s disco

The following ideas were raised – to invite reception pupils to the disco and to also make the KS2 disco longer. There were lots of suggestions for a theme and ideas to make the disco a success. Mr Jenkins suggested forming a sub-committee to help organise the event.


The meeting closed at 2.30pm