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19th February 2016


Meeting opened: 1.35pm

All classes present – CJ (6.1) was late and VS (6.3) was absent

The school council met on Thursday on 12th February to discuss the points from the above agenda.


Election of Officers

The following officers were elected

Chairman – Jamie Hammond

Vice Chairman – Lille Day

Secretary – Morgan Williams

Vice Secretary – Jack Bugby



The council discussed some of the ideas that had been proposed from the class council meetings.

The following ideas were suggested

  • Stronger anti-bullying messages (especially in assemblies)
  • An anti-bullying team in the playground (A buddy system- where people can play together outside)
  • More posters around the school
  • An anti-bullying display in every wing
  • CCTV up in the courts
  • KS2 pupils in the FP yards
  • Educating pupils on what bullying is
  • Raising more awareness of why it is so important
  • Inviting the police in to talk about anti-bullying

As a Council the following measures were put forward to suggest to Mrs Thomas 

  • Create a survey about bullying – What do the pupils actually know?
  • Display in every wing
  • Learning log – to create a game linked to anti-bullying e.g. a quiz/jigsaw/board game
  • Anti-bullying messages in assemblies to be more prominent
  • Worry boxes to be given more emphasis
  • School Council to create posters
  • Police into talk about Anti Bullying


Following on from the discussion about whether pupils have enough homework it was brought to the table once more for the pupils to debate and discuss.

In a vote, the SC a large majority now felt enough homework was being given out but that they would like more art/craft activities.

MW pointed out that homework is not compulsory so should the pupils who actually do their homework be rewarded?


The SC unanimously agreed that pupils who complete their homework should be rewarded.



Mr Jenkins apologised for not being able to arrange a valentine’s disco before half term, however there will be on organised after half term.


The SC felt that they would like to be involved in helping to arrange and organise.


Any other business

Following a chat with the school’s catering manager Mrs Shanklin, Mr Jenkins put forward the idea of a Mother’s Day Lunch and Father’s Day lunch to be organised in the school, much like the Christmas Day lunch.


The SC loved the idea and wanted to put it forward to Mrs Thomas as an idea to develop.


The meeting closed at 2.16pm