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Activity 1

Activity 1

Random acts of kindness

Recall prior discussions that we had about the meaning of kindness.

Try and carry out random acts of kindness around your home and keep  a record of them. How did it make you feel? How did your family feel as a result of your generosity?


Top tip-Look at the following to help you think of some ideas.

You may wish to watch some of the following clips


Some ideas might be:

Clean your own room to save your parents or guardians time

Offer to make a family member a cup of tea

Set the table for lunch or dinner

Offer to help to prepare a meal

To put the washing on the line

Carry washing upstairs

Hoover the house

Hold a door open for someone

Draw a picture to make someone smile and with a parents permission you culd post it throuh their door

Read a younger sibling a story