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Summer Term

Some great news in Miss Williamson's class this week to start off the Summer term! Although very close on occasions this is the first time that all pupils have been in school for the whole week! So congratulations on finally achieving 100% attendance class 5-1. Keep it up!

Attendance-Bronze Award

Pictures below are the year 5 pupils who we congratulated on having full attendance for the whole of the term. They have received their bronze award certificate!
Congratulations pawb!

Attendance Autumn Term

A super achievement for these pupils who all had 100% attendance at the end of the Autumn Term! Great job, keep it up! Remember to come to school every single day and make the most of your learning opportunities! Have fun, come to school! 

Attendance is a school target here at PDCS and we are constantly working hard as a staff to ensure all pupils attend school everyday. All teachers have initiatives and rewards to promote and celebrate their children being in school and gaining 100%! Please support us in ensuring your child attends 100% of the time to ensure they can achieve their full potential, goals and aspirations, whilst experiencing and participating a wide range of excting opportunities, trips and special visits.

Autumn Term 2016

Whose class will be first to achieve 100% attendance? Keep a look out below!

Congratulations to Class 5-3 on being the first year 5 class to have 100% attendance. Well done to all of you. And keep it up! Take a look at how they decided to celebrate. Extra playtime, great idea!