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Autumn Term

Ethical Informed Citizen

EI-2 Engage with contemporary issues based upon their knowledge and actions

EI-5 Respect the rights and need of others as a member of diverse society


This term the children in Year 5 have begun to explore the question 'Is our future fair for all?' From this the children will investigate a variety of topics in the aim to answer their question. We will be focusing on many current topics e.g. Fairtrade, Save the Children, Children's Rights, Water aid and many more global/sustainable issues we have in our world. 

Fairtrade-The Fairtrade footballing industry

Pupils have been thoroughly engaged in the topic of Fairtrade. They have explored the life of workers in Sialkot in Pakistan and have learnt such a lot about how supporting Fairtrade impacts on the lives of these people. The children have used all of the information that they have noted to write some great letters to FIFA persuading them to use a fairtrade football in their competitions.

Following our topic on Fairtrade, in Year 5 we have began focusing on 'Why should we recycle and how will it impact our future?' For this topic we are focusing on the impact plastics are having on our planet.