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Children at Work

Year 6 teachers have been involved in a triad lesson study this week.  Our focus was to include Numeracy skills into our topic learning experiences.  The pupils viewed and discussed a video about the working conditions of Victorian children.  They were set a challenge from The Sub Commissioner to calculate the average age, height and chest measurement of workers.  Pupils used their skills learnt in maths sessions and applied them to this situation.  Once calculated pupils had to input the data to a collaborative document on HWB and describe/compare the data collected.


Feedback from the pupils -

"I loved how I used my maths skills today."

"It was great to work with different partners who were not sat next to me.  My partner was on the other side of the class but we worked together on one document."

"I liked that sir emailed me my learning."


Feedforward from the pupils - 

"Can we work on a collaborative document again?"

"I liked doing Numeracy and Topic in my maths class."

"It was good to see how I could use my maths skills in the real world."