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Class 1:3 enjoying the park visit- making our own Environmental art!

Environmental art in the park based on the work of Tim Pugh and Andy Goldsworthy

Year 1 enjoy sports day in the sun!

Class 1:3 Adventure Story Trip to the park

Science; Which material would make the best raft?

Science; Do plants need water and light to grow well?

Maths Activities

Exploring pattern
Exploring pattern
Exploring pattern

Using ICT in Year 1 - your child can use some of these at home

Using our phonics on Reading Eggs
Poetry writing on Purplemash
Poetry writing using Purplemash
Creating a pictogram in Purplemash
Helping our maths using Mathletics
Using Scratch on the iPads
Creating your own game on 2DIY
Exploring direction and movement with the Beebot

Firework pictures using 2d shapes


Art from around the world


Amser Dysgu activities

Measuring using non-standard units.
Measuring using non-standard units.
Making snowmen and measuring them.
Measuring using non-standard units
Making play dough characters
Making a face and labelling in welsh
Exploring the signs of Spring
Creative art work
Jack and the Beanstalk pictures
Making a Castle out of Kapla blocks
Exploring the globe in the Travel Agents
Cutting and painting the Giant's castle
Role Play -acting out stories

Hot and cold colours

Class 1-1 used their ICT skills to create a picture using hot or cold colours.