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Step 1 - Skim read the presentation (link 1 below) to learn more about how to code and where coding has come from. Please do not spend too long reading the information, skip to the slides that interest you. When you get towards the end of the presentation it will give you some information on how to access scratch for the activity. 


Step 2 - Open the second link below and this gives you a selection of activities to complete when you have logged into Scratch 


​​​​​​​Logging into Scratch 

Log in to your HWB account 

Click Just2Easy 

Then find the scratch file 

(You may need to put your HWB email into scratch if you have not used it in school prior to this)


When you have logged into Scratch you can follow 'The Butterfly Hunter' OR please feel free to set up your own code. Change the sprite and experiment. 


Most of you will have confidence using Scratch but please if you are not confident - just enjoy and play around with it. 


You can save your project and if possible could you save to your files or screenshot or take a photo of what you have done in this session to show us - we would love to see it smiley