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Say it through art!

Look at this piece of art. Take in every little bit of detail. Reflect, what is it about? How does it make you feel? How can you relate to this?


These past weeks life form us all has been very challenging and forever changing. It has been a world we have never experienced.


What the piece of art does show us is all of the positive, happy and kind things that have resulted from this challenge.


Gather all of you recent experiences, smiles, giggles, thoughts, activities, kind actions, exercise, learning opportunities and achievements and present them in a piece of art.


We would like you to take your time with this task and really do your very best. There is no home learning tomorrow ( Friday) due to it being  a bank holiday so you may wish to continue working on it should you need more time. 


Show us what you can do and more importantly share your most memorable times with us!


Have fun!