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Digital Competence

March 2017

ICT-Developing Coding Skills

Pupils were fortunate enough to extend their coding knowledge this week during an exciting session with Steve Smith. Well done all!


Week beginning 31st October 2016

‚ÄčYear 5 pupils were using the Garage Band app today as part of their literacy work on Podcasting. Some fantastic jingles were created. We're looking forward to see these finished Podcasts using multiple apps.

E-safety was first on the timetable today with pupils discussing the key features that make a strong password. They then enjoyed using the iPads and computers to test out their peers newly created passwords to test how secure they would really be!  


Remember to make those passwords that you create on line safe and secure to use. Stay safe online! 


Pupils have been developing their 'PowerPoint' skills recently with Mr Jenkins. They have produced some fantastic presentations based on their recent topic of South America. Da iawn. Great work! 

Week beginning 3rd October 2016

Pupils have continued to explore Hwb this week as part of their literacy work. They have used the 'Forms' app and PowerPoint to create their own Roald Dahl quizzes. Impressive! 

30th  September 2016

Pupils have had fun creating their on ' Fairtrade Vlogs' using iMovie whilst developing their Oracy skills, learning when it is appropriate to use formal and informal language. 

Week beginning 26th September 2016

Pupils have been using pic collage this week to present their ideas and opinions about the South American Banana Trade.

Week beginning 19th September 2016

Meet our recently appointed Digi-leaders for year 5. Congratulations to you all! 


Week beginning 12th September 2016

They have enjoyed producing some excellent presentations this week. Through Hwb they have been using excel to create graphs and interpret data. Many then presented their findings via Book Creator or Pic Collgae. Have a look at some of their great work, very impressive, well done!


Week beginning 5th September 2016

Pupils were straight back into further developing their digital competencey this week. They have been using the 'Thinglink' app to import and annotate maps of South America.