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An Introduction to Area | Teaching Maths | EasyTeaching

Introduce children to the concept of area and explain how to calculate the area of rectangles using the rule length x width. Find more area (and perimeter) r...

How to do long division | Oxford Owl

Homework help! Find out how to divide numbers using long division. Find more help with primary maths on Oxford Owl:

Speed Guide to Short Division

A speed overview of how to do short division. 2 example questions demonstrated, one has 5 as a divisor, the other has 7.

Long Division

A guide of how to divide a three digit number by a two digit number

Types Of Lines Of Symmetry

What are the different types of lines of symmetry? Learn about them in this video.

Intro to Angles for Kids: Understanding Angles for Children - FreeSchool Math

Angles are the space between two lines that meet at a point, or vertex. Angles are measured in degrees, often with the help of a protractor. Acute, obtuse, r...