Proud to be a community school, striving for success for all.
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Flying Start

Flying Start

Flying Start Leader - Miss Sally Evans


Welcome to Pembroke Dock Community School Flying Start.


Our Session Times are Mornings - 9.00 am - 11.30 am

                                 Afternoons - 12.30 pm - 3.00 pm

The staff to pupil ratio in Flying Start is 1:4, ensuring your child is well cared for and supported throughout the session.

During each session the children have access to a wide variety of exciting resources, which change daily.

During each session a healthy snack is provided free of charge, this comprises of milk or water, fruit and wholemeal toast.

Flying Start staff respectfully ask that all coats are labelled with children's names and a bag containing spare clothes to be provided in case of any accidents.

We look forward to welcoming your child to Flying Start!

Our  Routine

9.00 am / 12.30pm - Settling in time

9.10am / 12:40pm - Choosing time

9.15am / 12:45pm - Doing time

9.45am / 1:15pm - Tidy up time

9.50am / 1:20pm - Talk about time/big group

10.00 am / 1:30pm  - Tooth brushing

10.10 am / 1:40pm  – Small groups

10.30 am / 2:00pm  – Outdoor time

11.00 am / 2:30pm  - Wash hands and fruit

11.15am  / 2:45pm  – Music time


9th November - 13 November

Our theme this week 



Our activities have been :  Painting Pudsey

                                          Decorating snowmen

                                          Making and decorating pudsey biscuits

                                           Decorating stars and snowflakes

                                           Making teddy bears with playdough


We have all dressed up as superheros and princesses for Children in Need on Friday 13th




Dressing up for CHILDREN IN NEED 2015

Do you want to build a snowman ?

Group time

Painting Pudsey

Making teddy bear biscuits

Decorating stars

Working on our fine motor skills using playdough

2nd November - 6th November

This week out theme has been


Our activities have been:-

Music & dance

Chalk firework pictures

Painting with different resources

Making Rockets

Rocket pictures with 2d shapes

Chocolate Sparklers


Making rockets

Firework pictures using chalks

Fireworks using paints and differnt brushes

2d firework pictures

Music & Dance

Making chocolate sparklers

19th October 2015 - 23rd October 2015

This week our colour of the week is


Our activites this week are:-

Numicom painting

String painting to decorate a pumpkin pictures

Pumpkin Biscuts

Explored the treasure basket


We also had a surprise visit from the Firemen.

Making and decorating our pumpkin biscuts

Painting pumpkins

Exploring the treasure box

Numicom painting

Our week in Flying Start

beginning Monday 12th October

Our colour of the Week is RED.


This week we have been:-


We have been cooking Jam Tarts

Playing the Stop Go Game (using red and green discs)

Describe and find using the farm

& Craft making leaf prints

Gluing and sticking different materials to make a red heart





Making our heart shaped jam tarts

Leaf printing autumn pictures

Decorating hearts with our colour of the week - RED

Having fun playing STOP - GO

Our week

5th October 2015

our theme feelings

This week our colour of the week is Yellow

and our song of the week is 5 little ducks

Making playdough birthday cakes - How many candles do we need?

Hook a duck - What numbewr is underneath

Lemon printing

shaving foam - happy and sad faces

Our week in Flying Start

28th September 2015

Our theme has been Feelings


This week our colour of the week has been Green


Our song of the week has been 5 little speckled frogs


Feelings - making playdough faces

Check us out ...... - What do we look like? - Mirror painting

Painting our frogs .... our colour of the week GREEN

Singing our song of the week ..5 little speckled frogs

We may not be green frogs but we can jump in the pond too.....


Big Toddle


Morning Session


Big Toddle


Afternoon Session




well over £300

and still counting

A big thank you to everyone who sponsered us





Our week in Flying Start 26th Jan - 30 Jan - Our theme Winter (the cold)

26th -30 January 2015

Our Week 2nd February 2015