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Health and Well-being

Rika Shake fitness class

Something new! What a fantastic way to get fit today as pupils tried their first Rika Shake session. All pupils were amazing, gave it their all and smiled from start to finish. A great workout children, well done to you all! 

HC-5 Take part in physical activity

HC-9 Face and overcome challenge

Excited pupils this break time as they put some new playground equipment to good use. What a hit, the pupils loved the scooters, hoppers and pogo sticks and enjoyed the challenge of trying something new! 

HC-5 Take part in physical activity

Pupils have enjoyed getting physically involved in their daily mile and weekly parkour and free running sessions. #wellbeing 

HC-4 Know how to find information and support to keep safe and well

Online safety discussions today allowed pupils to recall the purpose of social media but also to raise awareness of the dangers it can cause. Pupils applied their knowledge to complete an online safety jigsaw activity! #staysafeonline #SMART rules.