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Spring 2016

Meet the year 2 representatives for the newly formed school digi-council.

April 2016

Pupil's this week had some ICT lessons on coding using the Scrath Jnr app.


March 2016  

Pupils have been using ICT to present a range of their literacy skills lately. With iMovies, Morpho Apps and QR Codes. They have been enthusiastic about their learning and thoroughly engaged! 


Pupils have been using their ICT skills this week to learn about direction. They have been using Beebot to direct around the mat, Beebot on the iPads and some have been programming their own sprite on Jit.
Our school value this month is Peace. Take a look at some of the children's Peace posters that they have created using book creator. Also the boys had a great time on Thursday learning how to use the iMovie app on the iPads whilst the girls were out enjoying the football festival. Let's have a look at what they did.
Year 2 pupils have been logging into HWB this week and using the Jit program. They have been learning new coding skills to plan a route around all the planets for their spaceships.