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Informal letter writing

Today children, is all about finding out about the features of an informal letter.

What should a letter include? There are many examples on the document below with the features clearly identified the further you scroll down to the bottom. 


Note down the different features that you need to try and include yourself to write an informal letter correctly. You can then think about and begin to plan what you will include in your own letter.


Tomorrow then you write the letter. This can be written on paper or on j20ffice that you use to record most of your work.


Who are you going to write to? Will it be a grandparent, someone who lives nearby, a relative, a friend, a letter to the NHS, Mrs Thomas or maybe residents in a local care home. Just writing a letter to someone in a care can really put a smile on their face and brighten up their day. 


Good luck and get planning, remember to use the features for a good quality piece of writing. We would really love to send some of these letters off to various people and places if we can when they are done and of course you can send ones to family members and friends yourself.