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Language, literacy and communication

PS3- I can adapt my writing style to suit purpose and reader

AC-2 Are building up a knowledge and have the skills to connect and apply the knowledge in different contexts 

AC-4 Can communicate effectively in different forms and settings, using both Welsh and English

A super start to diary writing. Fantastic to see pupils so engaged in their writing. They have independently written at length and applied their previous skills confidently to write for a purpose. We can't wait for the finished pieces. Great work children.


Diary Writing

PS-3 I can use a range of strategies to plan my writing in a range of forms and genres

HC-9 Face and overcome challenge

AC-4 Can communicate effectively in different forms and settings 

Pupils collaborated to complete their questioning matrix in preparation for interviewing Mr Jenkins following his recent Ironman challenge. There was both great deep level thinking and discussion to formulate their questions. They are looking forward to now using them to interview Mr Jenkins! 

PS-3 I can communicate in a growing range of languages

AC-4 Can communicate effectively in different forms and setting using both Welsh and English

Some fantastic adverts advertising the fast approaching Ironman Cymru event. Creative, bilingual and eye catching with the key information clearly shown.



Ambitious Capable Learners-2 Are building up a body of knowledge 

Pupils have enjoyed using 'Nearpod' to define the term motivation and begin to think about motivational quotes that they could write for Mr Jenkins in the lead up to the Ironman Wales event.

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