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Latest News- Year 1 of the project 2015-16

Last Friday,  a group of Year 4 learners were joined by Creative Practitioners Pauline LeBritton, Iona Towler Evans and teacher and storyteller Phil Okwedy, as they  embarked on a project designed to help them improve their reading comprehension and realise their creative potential by  transforming our school library into an immersive storytelling space and a living library that has the working title,  A Celebration of Stories.

The Lead Creative School Scheme has been established by the Welsh government and the Arts Council for Wales to improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools across Wales by putting creativity at the heart of the curriculum and using it as a vehicle for engagement.

Using the Pembroke Dock folktale of The Curse of Betty Foggy as their inspiration, the children set off on a learning journey in the clinker built boat Sinbad,  a craft that once sailed upon the Cleddau but now takes centre stage in the library. Be sure to check in on their progress in the coming weeks.