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Maths club successes for March

Week ending 10th February 2017. Well done to Oscar Whiting; the only one in the year group to pass his Maths club this week.

Week ending February 2017. Congratulations go to these children for passing their maths clubs. Llongyfarchiadau.

January 20th 2017. Congratulations for passing your maths clubs!

For week ending 2 December 2016. Congratulations to all these children who have passed maths clubs, in particular to Freya Cook who has passed her 110 club and received a Special award sticker from Mrs Thomas.

Maths club successes for week ending 18th November. Summer has passed a club every week for the past 5 weeks and Bavin has passed every week for the past 4 weeks, Ardderchog, keep up the hard work!

Week ending 11th November 2016. Maths club successes.

Week ending 14th October 2016. Congratulations to all the children who passed number clubs this week.

Week ending 30th September 2016. Maths club and Big Maths success. It is so pleasing to see so many children moving up through their Maths clubs. Da iawn!

Week ending 23rd September. Maths club success.

Week ending 16th September: Maths clubs success!

Well done to you all for passing your number clubs. Llongyfarchiadiau!