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Week beginning 7th November 2016 - Pupils complete their Podcasts! 


Week beginning 31st October 2016 - Podcasting

Following a cold task asking to create their own Podcast this week in Literacy based on Space pupils have had an amazing week. They have learnt new Ict skills, explored Garage Band on the iPads and have worked exceptionally hard within their groups to create a success criteria and plan their own Podcast. the week ahead will offer further excitement as the pupils now piece everything learnt together to create their Podcasts. The plans are looking fantastic and the pupils can't wait to get started. Staff too are excited to see the final product! Keep a look out for a range of a Podcasts coming soon here at! 


10th October 2016 Storytelling to Story writing -Science Fiction

As we approach our new topic of Space pupils have completed a cold task which was to  write a 'Science Fiction' story to the title of Alien Landing. Over the next two weeks pupils will follow a storytelling process to build upon their learning each time with their end result being their 'Hot task'. Throughout their journey they will learn about the features of a Science Fiction text, exciting sentences and much more. Keep a look out to see their learning journies from their cold to hot tasks. 

Week beginning 10th October 2016

Pupils have been focusing on rhyming couplets and other characteristic features of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes. Keep a look out for some of our own poetry writing that we will be completing soon!


6th October 2016

The Roald Dahl excitement continued today as pupils analysed some of his famous 'Revolting Rhymes'. With clips to watch and rhymes to study pupils then went on to create their own freeze frames for different parts of the rhyme. Pupils then used their ICT skills to present their work to their peers to assess. They had to decide which of the famous rhyming couplets were being acted out! Great fun, fantastic freezes! 

5th October 2016- Special Delivery Arrives At Pembroke Dock Community School! 

Well excitement was high in the year 5 classes today as a special delivery arrived for the year 5 pupils. What was it...?  

Wonky Bars!!

Willy Wonkas very own scrumdidliumptious chocolate bars...and yes believe it or not inside each of the carefully wrapped bars were crisp, shiny golden tickets! As the pupils carefully peeled back the shiny wrappers and the goldren tickets were revealed curiosity was lurking. Was it a trip to Wonk's very own factory? No, but a message from Willy Wonka clearly describing the children's literacy task. All pupils were fully engaged and were keen to get started. Furthermore the fun continued as the chocolate was enjoyed after the task. Delicious!! 






4th October 2016

Roald Dahl

‚ÄčThis month literacy has got off to an exciting start as pupils begin an author study about Roald Dahl. Pupils have enjoyed using hwb, book creator and powerpoint to showcase the research that they have gathered to formulate their own quiz based on Roald Dahl. What better way to show off their work other than their own peers attempting to answer their quizzes! Suspense will soon follow when pupils arrive to in their literacy groups tomorrow!

Keep a look out, I wonder what they will find?

September 2016

Ride of Passage

In Literacy year 5 have started the term by studying a video clip of 'Ride A Passge'. They have used their inference skills to infer what is happening in the South American themed clip. They have created their own success criteria to identify the key features of a mini saga and after editing Wabolls and looking at Wagolls the children have had a go themselves at writing their own min sagas based on a 'Ride of Passage'. They have used their annotating skills to identify key features of a leaflet, clearly planned their own leaflet and worked on exciting sentences to engage the reader. They have then finally applied all that they have learnt from their learning journey into their very own leaflets on the South American tribe! What a great job they have done too! Many of the leaflets are fantastic! Take a look below at just some of the fantastic pieces of work that have been completed over the last week weeks based on the topic of South America.