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May 2016 Instructional Writing


All have had fun this week down at Fresh Water East beach working on their instructional writing of  'How to trap a pirate.' Take a look at how they got on and look out for the work that will continue.


The Welsh folktale of Gelert

Our literacy work for this half term is based on the true story of a Prince who lived in North Wales with his beloved hound Gelert. We are using this story to focus on the correct use of grammar in our writing. Keep a look out at the photos below to see our learning journies.

February 2016

Story telling The Magic Brush  

Over the next couple of weeks the children will be focusing on storytelling into story writing. Remember to keep a look out to see the work that they do and the steps they take in order to write their final story.                                                                                   



This week we have been using our skimming and scanning skills to find out more information about Antarctica and the Emperor penguins that live there. We have also had great fun making an iMovie based on the non-fiction text The Emperor's Egg.
Our first topic of 2016 is Antarctica. Today in literacy we have been working with our peers to activate our prior knowledge before looking at the non-fiction book called 'The Emperor's Egg.

Report Writing


Engaged by messy footprints and piles of green slime the children have come to the decision that there must have been an alien invasion at Pembroke Dock Community School. They have since been discussing how they will warn others and have been enjoying learning the processes and features of non-chronological report writing. Have a look below for some of the learning steps they have had to take and to see some final reports.


Poetry Writing


Today on November the 5th the children have been experimenting with words and syllables to write their own Haiku poems about fireworks and have been creating their own interesting and informative firework safety leaflets. Take a look.




The children have been practicing their handwriting both in and outside of the classroom!