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Literacy and Numeracy

Please find below folders marked sessions where your child will find a piece of literacy and numeracy work to complete. 

In addition to this every child has their own password where they can be encouraged to log on to mymaths where they can carry out a vast number of mathematical tasks, games and activities. They can also log onto


Reading guidance for parents

There is also a folder here for your child to access reading texts in addition to reading of any books that they may have at home. Please remember that reading with your child is incredibly important. You can discuss the text, plot, characters an features of text types. There is also the opportunity to have discussions about relating things that they read to their own experiences and the opportunity to work on and develop their vocabulary. Inside the folder you will also find examples of questions that you could ask/ discuss with your children? 


Assessment papers for practice

In addition to the work organised into the folders below you will find a folder containing past national assessment papers for reading, numeracy and maths reasoning that your child can work through.


Below are also some useful websites and short video clips that may inform and support your child's learning.


Children could even show that they have mastered a skill by creating a video of their own teaching someone else how to understand a mathematical skill!

Useful websites is a fantastic website for children that can inform them of current issues in the news and events happening in the word around them. They have the opportunity to watch newsround broadcasts, videos of a wide variety of things across all areas of learning and they can have fun carrying out a range of quizzes.

below is an example of the homepage showing you some of the options your child may wish to explore.