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The Titanic

As part of their work on the topic of Titanic pupils have been working hard in literacy building up to the process of writing their own explanation text. Pupils have been identifying the key features of an explanation text by looking at WAGOLLS and WABOLLS. Working on a range of exciting sentences has also helped them to make their text more engaging. 

The Titanic

With the topic of Titanic as their inspiration pupils have thoroughly been engaged in writing their own poetry. Firstly they looked at a poem of Gillian Clarke's and identified the poet techniques used by her. They then worked further on the techniques themselves when writing about of The Titanic. Thew children have produced some fantastic poetry following a series of lessons and are proud to show case their work! Well done everyone! Below are just some of the fantastic poems written by children in year 5.

Author visits year 5 to give additional inspiration to our pupils

Miss Williamson's literacy class thoroughly enjoyed their morning with author Sarah Knight this morning. She gave up her time to share her work with pupils and inspire them to become writers themselves. Pupils enjoyed every minute of the morning and created their very own characters which they then used to create their own short animation.


Persuasive Letters

Pupils have been working hard using their research gathered to write their persuasive letters in response to an letter sent to school asking for the pupils help! Pupils have written letters persuading the Fairtrade farmers not to chop down the trees to enable them to have more land for farming. Have a look at how they got on, they are fantastic!!

The Yanomami Tribe -Research

In literacy as part of our topic of South America pupils have been using their skimming and scanning skills to gather information about the tribe's appearance, customs, housing and diet. They have then worked on a collaborative document on Hwb to input the information that they have gathered that they will use to help them to create their own information leaflet about the 'Yanomami Tribe'.