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LLangrannog Blog 2015

Llangrannog: Meeting

Staff accompanying Year 6: Trip Leader -Miss Butler, Miss Rogers, Miss Thomas, Mrs Holt, Mrs Callan

Wednesday March 25th – March 27th – Leave at 10am on Wednesday, return, 2pm Friday afternoon.

Cost £132

Food – breakfast, lunch and supper and tea. Superb food and good choice (they will accommodate children’s dietary needs)

Sleep in bunks of 6 – 8. These will be gender based and they will be put in with a mixture of their friends. They will not find out until they get there.

Activities - Quad-biking, Shelter building, High ropes, Climbing Wall, Swimming Pool, Orienteering, Skiing, Go Karts and Tobogganing

Things they will need

  • Sleeping bag, Night clothes and toiletries, Spare clothes, a warm jumper, anorak and rain coat.
  • Play clothes, a swimming costume and towel.
  • Trainers and suitable footwear, an old pair of shoes,
  • Gloves, a hat and old trousers or jeans for skiing.
  • Old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.


Medication –We need to know in advance before medication is taken. Forms need to be filled in order to take medication. An interview with the school nurse to fill out forms.

Pocket money - £15 This will be handed in to staff on Wednesday morning in a LABELLED WALLET

No mobile phones. There is no need for them to bring them as there is no reception! Ipads or Ipods are not needed and it is not worth the risk of loss.

Only Cameras are allowed.

There is a disco on the Thursday. Children will need smart /party clothes for the final night.

Sweets and drinks – children are allowed to bring a small amount. Not too many please!