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Mathematics and numeracy

AC2 Are building up a body of knowledge and gave the skills to connect and apply the knowledge in different contexts

Practical activities to calculate perimeter  have helped the pupils with their understanding. Some great problems solved too! 

Singapore maths strategies have allowed pupils to gain a confident understanding of multiples, factors and common factors. Pupils were then able to work independently and reinforce and use the relevant mathematical vocabulary. 

Numerical Reasoning

Children are continuing to work on and further improve their reasoning skills. They are are becoming more confident at explaining their reasoning and also looking closely at where they have made errors and learning from them.


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PS-3 I can pose and answer sensible questions and I have demonstrated and understanding of the importance of collecting relevant data that can used to answer my questions.

AC-6 Can use number effectively in different contexts

AC-8 Use digital technologies creatively to communicate, find and analyse information 

Pupils have been engaged in our topic of Ironman and have today been finding information about the 2019 Ironman Wales competitors and using it to create databases and formulate their own questions to ask a peer. They have also applied their knowledge of place value and addition of whole and decimal numbers to solve problems. #authenticlearning