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Esiteddfod Results at @PDCSPrimary

As part of our St David's Day celebrations, the children and their families were invited to take part in our annual whole school Eisteddfod. There were a variety of individual and family competitions to choose from, including handwriting, art, cookery and photography. All of the entries we received were fantastic and the judges, which included teachers and members of the community had a difficult job in choosing the winners. The winners are as followed:


Foundation Phase


•             Individual Handwriting – judged by Mrs McGrath (1st Lily Rushton, 2nd Martha Bhari, 3rd Harvey Tindale)

•             Individual Art – judged by Mrs James (1st Jake James, 2nd Sam George, 3rd Jameson Davies)

•             Individual Welsh flag – judged by Miss Lewis (1st James Williams, 2nd Verity Reynolds, 3rd Katie Carroll)


Key Stage 2


•           Individual Handwriting – judged by Miss Fielding (1st Lily Barry, 2nd Grace Dannachie, 3rd Bethan Jarvis)

•             Individual Art – judged by Mrs Morris  (1st Grace Donnachie, 2nd Nia Clarke, 3rd Megan Clarke)

•             Individual Poetry – judged by Mr Jenkins (1st Megan Clarke, 2nd Rea Harteveld, 3rd Caitlin Chapman)

Family Competitions:


•             Collage competition – judged by Phil Bowen (1st Elly Neville, 2ndCaitlin+Bethan Chapman, 3rd Millie Cox)

•             Photography competition – judged by Mrs Thomas (1st Grace Donnachie, 2nd Millie Cox, 3rd Caitlin and Bethan Chapman)

•             Poster competition – judged by Clwb Draig y Doc (1st Olivia Scourfield, 2nd Willow Thomas, 3rd Leon Jarvis)

•             Cookery competition – judged by Nicky Skipworth (1stMartha+Nancy Bhari, 2nd Bethan+Cailtin Chapman, 3rdSam+Kieran George)

•             Boiled egg competition – judged by Mr Phillips (1st Tobi Pratt, 2nd Libby Lewis, 3rd Billy+Loui Llywelyn)

•             Gardening competition – judged by Mrs Cottrell (1st Harrison Vaughan, 2nd Elly Neville, 3rd Hannah Bourne)