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Second Sustainable School Acorn Award

Courtesy of Bruce Sinclair @ Western Telegraph 


PEMBROKE Dock Community School’s Eco Group has been celebrating after receiving its second Sustainable School Acorn Award.

The award is for schools who have held the first acorn for at least two years and who continue to protect the environment and learn about global issues.

The eco-group maintained the award through a commitment to education for sustainable development and global citizenship in the classroom, together with extracurricular activities and management of the school.

Prior to being presented with the award, the pupils spoke about their ongoing work in sustainability, including a project on bananas and fair-trade.

After investigating the topic, they presented their findings and went on to set up their own enterprise producing banana smoothies.

Also, pupils in Year 3 have established a successful link with a school in Egypt, and the schools plans to link each year group with another school so pupils can share their experiences with other children growing up in different places.

The school has developed an extensive programme around children’s rights, and this year a focus was given to anti-bullying. Pupils looked at different issues related to bullying, not only in school but also the wider community.

Feeling safe at school helps promote pupils’ health and community citizenship, which are both Sustainable Schools topics. Each year the school sends a delegation of pupils to the Sustainable Schools Eco Club conference in Haverfordwest.

Last year pupils at the conference chose to run a county-wide No Electric Day, and the pupils raised awareness about the school’s energy use and investigated ways to save energy in the long term.

This year the school will be taking part in Jelly Fish Day on June 8.

This aims to build knowledge about the amazing marine life around Pembrokeshire and the harm caused by marine plastics.

Pembroke Dock Community School Head teacher Michelle Thomas spoke with pride at the eco club’s achievements. “The Eco Group have driven the schools ambition to succeed in ensuring that the school becomes sustainable.

“Their hard work, alongside the co-operation of all pupils and staff has meant that achieving this award has truly been a team effort.

“We are extremely proud of the children's continued dedication to sustainability and global issues.”