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Stay Safe Week

This forthcoming week all classes are learning about 'staying safe'. As part of 'staying safe' week we plan to give parents information each evening to raise awareness of particular issues. Tomorrow we will be giving a link to a film raising awareness of online grooming. WARNING If the film was screened in a cinema it would have a 15 certificate, therefore it is not suitable for pupils to view. However, this information is really important for parents! Do you know who your children are talking to on social media? Please look out for this link tomorrow and if possible talk to your children about online safety.

Safety week next week, #UNCRC article 19 "you should not be harmed and should be looked after and kept safe"

The link to the film will be taken down by Friday as we know the children like to see themselves in the weekly blog. We do not want children inadvertently looking at unsuitable content. Primary school children should not be accessing Facebook without your supervision and should not have their own profile until they are age 13.

Together we can work to keep our children safe and free from abuse!