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Summer Term Immersion Days in the Foundation Phase


Pupils have loved every moment of their immersion days held at the school and at the start of the summer term, there have been no exceptions. With the start of every new topic, an immersion day is organised by the teachers with the emphasis on immersing the pupils in the topic at the very start in order to engage and develop curiosity. The Foundation Phase, in particular, have got it to the swing of things early with topics ranging from mini-beasts, habitats, bugs and the beach. The pupils love dressing up (which is linked to the topic) and getting involved with the learning activities that helps to give the pupils a real taste of the topic as well as activate any prior knowledge. From these immersive days, the pupils then plan and take responsibility for their learning by suggesting sub-topics which they investigate during the topic. This pupil-led learning gives the pupils a sense of ownership to their learning. Mrs Rebecca McGrath, Head of Year 1 and 2 said “These experiences are both highly engaging and creative which stimulates the children and ignites a desire for learning. Everyone loves dressing up and getting involved and it wonderful to see the excitement for learning that is generated”.

Mrs Karen James, Head of Early years said "The EY children were fully immersed in our 'Summer Fun' day. They experienced things they may not have yet experienced in their lives, such as going on an aeroplane, swimming with sea creatures or taking a dip in the sea. The children had so much fun! It was a thoroughly enjoyable day!"