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This week - creative arts enrichment week!

There will be a number of enrichment activities taking place this week.  Then on Thursday (for KS2) and on Friday (for Foundation Phase) pupils will be working with Upbeat Music & Arts.  

Thursday - with a South American musical theme (the Carnival), KS2 pupils will be playing the samba drums.  At approximately 2.15pm there will be a grand parade around the school when Foundation Phase pupils will join the carnival.  Pupils can wear fancy dress or a brightly coloured t-shirt to join in the parade (optional).  If you have a whistle at home bring it along!  

Friday - for Foundation Phase pupils the theme is African music and Reception, Year 1 & 2 pupils will have an opportunity to play the African drums.  Again at approximately 2.15pm all pupils (including KS2) will join an African themed music extravaganza!  Pupils can again dress in brightly coloured clothes.