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14th June 2016

Some year 2 pupils have had great fun with their maths learning today out and about in the park! Within their small groups they were collecting data that they can bring back into the classroom to sort and explore how to record it. 


5th February

Maths this week has involved the children going outdoors and measuring items around them. They have been learning to measure length, height and distance using standard units, metres, half metres and centimetres. Take a look at how they got on!


This week the children have had great fun with directions. They have been learning how to make half and quarter turns, clockwise and anti-clockwise and learning about right angles. It was a big challenge to start but with some great practical activities and the use of Beebots and Coding activities on Jit the children have thoroughly enjoyed it. Great stuff! Take a look to see how they get on.


The children have had great fun this week with some practical learning about fractions of shape and number.
Telling the time
As we start a new term and a new year the children have been learning to sequence the days of the week and months of the year. They have also been working on telling the time on both an analogue and digital clock. Take a look at the slideshow below to see how they have been getting on.

Pupil's have been secret maths agents as they explored Numeracy around them. They have been peer assessing their learning logs this week all about the maths they have found around them. We have seen some great work, take a look at just a few.


Mrs Williams' and Miss Evans' maths groups have had fun exploring with shapes and have even made some shapes of their own using marshmallows. Yum!
Miss Williamson's maths group have had fun using their measuring skills to make alien potions. They have been measuring in litres and millilitres.