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Using a variety of maths equipment to help learn our times tables

Symmetry ~ creating symmetrical pictures using Glow doodle and Purple Mash

Days, months and seasons

Hedfan Fry

This week in maths we have been looking at angle, movement and position. We had challenge cards to move in given directions and whole, half and quarter turns. We also had a treasure hunt. We had to follow the directions to find the prize. It was a very yummy prize!

25/1/16-29/1/16 ~ Capacity!

07/12/15-11/12/15 - Pictograms

Numeracy - 30/11/15 - 4/12/15 TIME

Numeracy 19/10/15 - 23/10/15 - Shape!

We have been measuring this week in our maths lessons. We have used standard and non-standard units. You can see that we have been measuring things around the classroom and using the blocks to create long and short lines.

This week in our maths lessons, we have been focusing on 'money' we have been identifying different coins, and using them in different combinations to create different price amounts. I think we are all ready to help with your shopping!