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Autumn Term 2016

September 2016 - African animal research work at Folly Farm

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their day out at Folly Farm. Their task for the day was to be researchers to gather information about African animals so that they could use this for their learning back in class. The children were amazing researchers; by the end of our visit they were able to identify Africa on the world map and had learnt lots about the animals' diet, habitat, weight and length and lifespan. 

Using facts from Folly farm on JIT 5 on HWB

Week ending 30th September 2016

This week the children skimmed and scanned an information text about elephants and then used this information to create mind maps about elephants using the Simpleminds app on the iPads.

Science: Investigating waterproof materials

December 2016. Using the Immersion room as inspiration for our Christmas poetry.