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Planning on a budget

Select one of the numeracy tasks below. 


A cinema trip OR challenge yourself and plan a summer break to Chessington

Budgeting for a trip to the cinema


Plan a trip for you and your family members. You either have a budget of £35 or a budget of £100 you can choose depending on how many people you are planning for.


Remember you must pay the bus fare, you must get tickets, treats are options so it's what you can afford. BUT you CANNOT spend a penny over your budget.


Good luck and remember to calculate carefully showing your written methods.


Planning something on a budget is part of everyday life and can be really quite a difficult task.


* You have a budget of £1200 and would like you to plan a 2 or 3 day break to Chessington World of *Adventure.

* You need to plan around your own family, number of adults, children and their ages.

* You must plan the holiday from August on wards and not before 


You need to include:

* Accommodation

* Tickets/passes to the park

* Meals for you all- This MUST BE selected from the meal deals option

*Optional- Have you got enough money for treats, such as a VIP experience?



Remember the work we completed on Alton Towers, this is very similar


Note down costings as you work

Apply your written methods to calculate/running totals  ( Placing of digits is crucial to ensure accurate calculations Th,H,T,U)

How much was your final spend? 

Did you have change? If so how much?


Remember you are working with money so remember your £ signa dn to show clearly the operations used to work out your calculations.


Good luck, have fun, get planning!  smiley