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Project learning- You choose!

Your project

Now you are in control! Choose a topic, a passion any area that interests you and create a project all about it. Firstly remember to gather ideas, research into the topic and note take. Be creative. Use different sources to gather information. Books, online, etc. You may present your findings as an artistic project, a video that you have created maybe on imove or adoebe voice. You may choose to write your project, type it out, create a powerpoint, make a model or in any other way you'd like.


Top tip to help- Possible ideas may relate to topics such as..

Endangered animals

Healthy living

Plastic pollution


Social media- How does it impact on children?
Sporting passions

Australian bushfires

Investigate how the human eye works

The water cycle

Climate change

Cooking -Could you possibly plan and cook a meal with a parent or guardian? Maybe create and write your own recipe? 

Can mindset determine well being? 

People who inspire me



Street Dance


The planet

A famous artist