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Pupil Advice - Is it ok to meet up with someone I met online?

Is it ok to meet up with someone I met online?

It’s worth remembering that people can easily lie about who they are online and the person you think you’re talking to might not be quite as glamorous in real life.

It is very risky to meet up with someone you’ve only ever met online. If you’re at primary school, we don’t think you should do this at all.

If you really want to meet someone you’ve been chatting to online, following these steps will help you do it in the safest way possible:

Always meet and stay in a busy public place.
Primary - take a trusted, responsible adult with you, not a friend. If the person you’re meeting isn’t being honest, taking a friend with you will put you both at risk.
Secondary - it might be worth taking a friend or trusted adult with you and asking them to stay nearby so that you can call them for help should you need to get away.
Make sure a friend or family member knows who you are meeting,
where you are going and when you’ll be back.
Don’t accept a lift from the person you’r
e meeting.
Take your mobile phone, keep it switched on and topped up with credit.
Don’t leave your personal belongings unattended in case they get stolen.