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Pupil Advice - Something serious has happened to me online, what should I do?

First off, don’t panic. Take a breath and turn off your screen, or turn around from the screen. If something serious is happening, or you have just seen something disturbing, you are allowed to report this. It’s OK to report things. But where should you go?

Your parents

o You can talk to your parents. They will want to protect you so they will want to help you. Being honest with them is important and they will appreciate you talking to them. It is your choice, but if what has happened is really serious, it’s likely that your parents will find out at some point.

Your school

o You could speak to an adult at your school. They are trained in how to support young people and will listen to you. You should choose the adult you trust most in the school. They may give you advice, refer you to someone else or help you decide what to do.

The police

o CEOP is the place to go if you want to report that a person has behaved inappropriately towards you or someone you know. It may be sexual chat, being asked to perform something or to meet up.

The Internet Watch Foundation

o At the IWF you can report pictures or videos you see online that you think are illegal. These might include child sexual abuse or criminally obscene content.


o Call 080880 23456 to talk to Meic. This is an information and advice line for children and young people in Wales. They offer help and support.


o Call 0800 1111 to talk to Childline about what you’ve seen. They can help you make a decision on what to do.