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Summer 2016 - May

As part of our topic related work on pirates we chose to investigate using water. It has been a wet week this week when pupils began to explore with the equipment on how they could make a submarine float, sink and rise again! Fun and curiosity enabled the pupils to work collaboratively with their peers, investigate, and get wet!! Have a look to see how they got on.



Spring 2016
As part of our work based on Antarctica we have carried out an ice investigation this week. We wanted to find out what happens to ice when it melts in a glass of water? Do you know? Take a look what we did below and what conclusion we came to!

Melting Chocolate

Our first science experiment this term was to find out how to melt chocolate the quickest?

It was great fun watching the chocolate melting and exciting to see if the results were the same as our prediction. 



As part of our Christmas topic this week we have been carrying out a second experiment to see if we can find a way of lighting Rudolph's nose. After much discussion we experimented with wires, bulbs, crocodile clips and batteries. How did we use this equipment to light the bulb? After further investigating and good team work finally we were able to make a complete electrical circuit and light up the bulb. Take a look at how we got on.