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Science and Technology

PS3 - I can analyse how environmental factors and human activity can contribute to changes in habitats and population size

ACC- Undertake research and evaluate critically what they find

An interesting morning using the microscopes with Darwin Science. The children loved the experience. 

PS3 - I can discuss the positive and negative impact that changes in the environment and the human activity have on living things and habitats.

HCI- Take measured decisions about lifestyle and manage risk

We love working with Darwin Science to improve our Science and Technology skills. We visited Lydstep beach to create a data analysis on what we could find. 



PS3 - I can use conceptual models to represent the behaviour of real-world physical systems

ECC- Show their commitment to the sustainability of the planet

A lovely morning with Welsh Water discussing our water usage. A very informative assembly followed by engaging workshops looking at the ways in which we can save water on a daily basis. We were surprised by some of the facts that we discovered.