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Session 2

The Digital Leaders met this week to do an audit of e-safety messages around the school.


In particular, they were focusing on the ipad trolleys, the ICT areas, displays in class and wing corridors.


The Digital Leaders were very pleased with their findings.


Main Findings

Nearly every wing had a prominent display in their corridor.

Nearly every classroom had mouse mats with the SMART rules on it.

All of the Digital Leaders identified the EARLY YEARS classrooms as being the best. They had displays, posters, SMART Rules and posters on tables. They also has posters on their iPad trolley.

Some classrooms had small posters and needed to be replaced.

A couple of classrooms had no posters but had posters printed out and ready to laminate to go up in the classroom.

The iPAd trolleys had very few (if any) e-safety message or advice on them. All the Digital Leaders felt hat the iPad trolleys would be an ideal location for more posters. They suggested that the Early Years trolley be used as a good example. They will now make posters to put up around the school.


Ways forward

- Digital Leaders to make posters and laminate them ready to go up throughout the school

- Make a video of all the good posters and displays we saw around the school

- Feedback our findings in assembly and promote the SMART Rules in assembly.



Still image for this video