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South & North America

Disneyland Resort Florida

Pupils in year 5 carried on with their travels today and visited Disneyland resort in Florida. Pupils were fully immersed and after watching video clips and looking at various sights and attractions they were able to write a fantastic 'trip advisor' review about their trip!

North America

After exploring South America pupils have traveled north to explore many of the states. They used their Ict skills to log onto hwb and annotate the different states on the map of USA whilst importing pictures of famous landmarks! Pupils then took a vote to choose their 3 favourite states to explore and visit in more detail! 

Take a look to see how they got on.

Enterprise-Fairtrade banana smoothies

Our pupils have been young entrepeneurs this week! After costing the price of ingredients and working out a price that would create profit they have had fun making their own banana smoothies and selling them to the children in years 5 and 6! Well done everyone, thank you to all those who bought the smoothies and  we hope you enjoyed! 


Learning Logs

We are extremely impressed with the number of wonderful learning logs that we have had back this month! Pupils have been really engaged in the topic of Fairtrade and have brought many ideas back into the classroom, with each and every learning log presented in their own creative ways! Take a look at just some of the great pieces of work!

Fair trade 



Back in the classroom we have discussed what is meant by Fairtrade. Pupils have first created wonderful learning logs that they have shared back in class with their peers. They have been involved in learning about the process of getting bananas from the plantation farmers onto the supermarket shelves. They have worked collaboratively to decide which one of the 5 workers involved in that process should receive the most or least money, having to justify their answers. The Fairtrade fun then continued with a trip to Tescos to identify Fairtrade products and how the price compares to non-Fairtrade items. The Fairtrade fun however does not stop there! Pupils have used their maths skills to the calculate costs of ingredients needed to make and then sell their own 'Fairtrade' banana smoothies. Keep a look out to see what they got up to!

Immersive day and outdoor learning

September 2017

The term has kicked off to an exciting start with staff and pupils participating in a South American immersive day. Pupils enjoyed making instruments and masks which they then used throughout their  'Samba' parade! Following this pupils have been engaged in a range of exciting activites linked to South America. We have also taking our learning outdoors, taken part in a scavenger hunt, painted our faces like tribal members of the Amazon, collected natural resources to make jewellery and even carried out a bit of yoga!