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Techniquest Visit The School

To conclude our work on Space Techniquest came to year 5 to talk to us about life in Space. We had an interesting talk with lost of demonstrations and activities to try out. It was great fun and we learnt a lot! Doilch yn fawr Techniquest!

Take  alook at just some of the eciting thjings we got to explore!


Creativity continued this week with pupils composing their own space music. Within their groups pupils enjoyed exploring a range of instruments before creating their own graphic scores about their chosen planet whilst confidently discussing a range of music elements. Great job, well done! 

Week beginning 7th November 2016 - Moon buggies

Have a look at how the pupils got on with designing and making their moon buggies.

Week beginning 31st October 2016 Learning Logs and Moon Buggies

‚ÄčPupils have been busy over half term with their 'Learning Logs' researching and collecting information and presenting their findings about Tim Peake. Followed by a fun and creative week designing and making their own 'Moon Buggies'. Through Design and Technology they have used the Tasc Wheel approach to plan their project. After careful planning and collaborative discussion within their groups the real fun will soon began! Keep a look out for more next week!



Learning Logs

Week beginning 17th October 2016

Pupils this week have been completing a 'Diamond Nine' based on Scientific Space facts, trying to justify their choices. Also they have been applying their mathematical skills through exploring further into the topic of space. Drawing to an approximate scale the size of the Sun, Earth and The Moon in comparison to each other. Pupils had great fun estimating, measuring and using a compass! 


What a way to start a new topic! Pupils were totally immersed in an incredible environment today as they started their next new topic about 'Space'.