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EI-6 Show their commitment to the sustainability of the planet

EI-3 Understand and exercise the impact of their actions when making choices and acting


A very different day today for pupils working in school with NO electricity. Pupils enjoyed a day making compromises whilst learning about the importance of trying to save electricity. Amongst making different lunchtime choices, reducing time spent on charged devices, working in a range of areas where daylight was more prominent, pupils discussed the advantages and dis advantages of the impact that a NO electricity day can have on individuals and life in school and at home! 

#makingchoices #savetheplanet #sustainability 



Ethical Informed Citizens 

EI-5 Respect the needs and rights of others, as a member of diverse society

Healthy Confident Individuals

HC-7 Have the confidence to participate in performance 


Ambitious Capable Learner

AC-4 Can communicate effectively in different forms and settings using both welsh and english


A wonderful Saint David's concert today from the pupils! Bendegedig!