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14th June 2016

Swimming success for Kelsey!

A big congratulations to Kelsey today as she shared her new 25m swimming certificate with us. A great achievement, we're all proud of you 

6th May

A team of year 2 children travelled to Burryport recently to take part in an under 7s rugby festival. all players gave it their best and had an enjoyable day! Very well done to you all, we're very proud of you!

24th March

Congratulations this week to Jaiden as she proudly shows us her horse riding ribbons. Also to both Kelsey and Morgan for recently receiving their 10m swimming certificate and badge. Well done! 

Another gymnastics award for Emily this week after participating in a recent competition. Emily is pictured proudly with her leotard and ribbons after coming 4th place. An excellent achievement, fantastic! 

22nd February

Congratulations to Millie and Bethan today as we return after the holiday. Millie has been busy on the football pitch during her half term and has been awarded from her local football club with the ' player of the match' trophy and medal. Whilst Bethan has been busy with her gymnastics and shares her recent certificates with us. Well done Girls, keep up the impressive football skills and super gymnastics!


5th February

Two budding gymnasts Millie and Ieuan proudly show us their certificates. Well done to both of you.Keep up the hard work we are very proud of you!

Millie proudly shows us her recent swimming certificate for swimming 50 metres without stopping. Fantastic Millie, keep up the good swimming! 


The great sporting success continues into the new year. Caitlyn and Ami are pictured proudly showing us their Irish dancing awards. Caitlyn has been awarded her trophy and certificate for her dedication. Ella has won a medal and certificate for coming 4th place in the Bungrad Reel dance and Ami shows us her medal for coming 3rd place and her trophy for 1st place in a recent competition. Well done all of you! 



Wow what a term for great sporting success. Many children this term have been working hard outside of school at swimming, dance, football, karate and gymnastics. We are all very proud of you and can't wait to see what next term has in store. Keep a look out in January 2016 to see what others have been up to and what rewards and achievements they'll be bringing to school next!
Very well done to Liam this week too as he brings his recent Karate award to school to show us. Not just an orange belt in Karate but now winner of the most improved trophy! Wow, well done Liam keep it up!
Also proud to show us his swimming award this week was Matthew. Matthew has been working hard to pass his stage three level. You did it Matthew, well done!
Tyler has had a hugely successful weekend at a local swimming gala with medals, a plaque and a trophy to show. A great achievement Tyler we're all very proud of you! 
More sporting success this week in Year 2. Congratulations to both Emily and Jack. Emily is pictured with a recent gymnastic ribbon she won at a competition in Narbeth and Jack is proudly showing his 10m swimming badge. Very well done to both of you! 
Well done to Kelsey pictured proudly with her stage 1 and 5m swimming certificate and Caitlyn also with a certificate for swimming 10m. An excellent achievement girls. Keep up the hard work.
Three keen footballers Tyler, Ieuan and Jack were proud to show us their medals awarded for their skills on the pitch this week. Well done boys a fantastic achievement keep up the hard work.
Congratulations to Rhys who has had a very busy but successful weekend as he proudly shows us his 2 medals. Rhys was awarded a fantastic 3rd and 4th place in a Karate competition. Excellent Rhys keep up the hard work.

Congratulations to Emily after receiving a bronze medal and a fifth place ribbon in a recent gymnastics competition held in Llanelli! Well done!



Congratulations this week to Bethan and Kara for receiving a medal from a recent swimming event. Very well done girls!
Another swimming award this week in year 2 awarded to Tyler Harts. Congratulations to you on receiving your first and second place ribbons. Bendegedig! 
Another swimming award this week. Caitlyn has been working hard outside of school with her swimming and has been awarded with  a 5 metre swimming certificate and badge. Well done!