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Successful Futures LLwyddiannus Dyfodol

The New Curriculum - Successful Futures

There are four purposes that are at the heart of the new curriculum.

The purposes support the curriculum to encourage children and young people to be...


⭐️ Ambitious capable learners

⭐️ Enterprising creative contributors

⭐️ Ethical informed citizens

⭐️ Healthy confident individuals 



The new curriculum is inclusive, broad, balanced and challenging and all about about finding successful ways of igniting interests, stimulating passions and increasing confidence in our children and young people.


There are 6 areas of learning

⭐️ Expressive arts

⭐️ Health and well-being

⭐️ Humanities 

⭐️ Languages, literacy and communication 

⭐️ Mathematics and numeracy

⭐️ Science and technology


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