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Successful Futures- Our new curriculum

In PDCS we are enjoying continuing to further develop the implementation of Successful Futures, the new curriculum for Wales. 


Task 1

If you had to use just 10  words or short phrases to tell a parent about the new curriculum which words would you choose and why? Write them down and then explain your reason (orally or written)for your choice and try and relate it to recent experiences. 


Some possible ideas are , independence, creativity, skills, areas of learning,  collaboration, wellbeing, exciting, purposeful.....


For example one word may be RESILIENCE- The new curriculum allows us opportunities to collaborate, problem solve and to embrace challenge and build up resilience. (Explanation) We have shared ideas in different working groups and through activities such as Nearpod. We are also able to chose our level of challenge and are encouraged to learn from our mistakes and never give up.(Relating to real life experiences, opportunities to be resilient) 

Task 2

Can you use the following research sheet to help you gather information about the new curriculum? Remember to activate your prior knowledge and make links with experiences that you have already had in school.

Use this information and your experiences to create a presentation informing others about the New Curriculum for Wales and what it means for our children of the future.

You can choose how you present your findings.