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Ask yourself what do you already know about symmetry? Once you've recalled your prior knowledge watch the 2 video clips to develop your understanding. Next work your way through the powerpoint presentation and take note of the different lines of symmetry that different shapes have.


Your task is to draw some shapes of your own choice and draw in all lines of symmetry. You may use  objects that you can spot from around the home and identify if they have lines of symmetry or just choose regualr shapes that you can think of.


Sometimes drawing the shape and then cutting it out can help as you can then fold the shape to see if both sides are identical. Remember-some shapes have more than one line of symmetry!


On the powerpoint there is a slide of the letters of the alphabet. Why not write out your name in large capital letters on a piece of paper and draw in any lines of symmetry that each of the letters may have.


Can you now define what is meant by a line of symmetry?