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The Darwin Science Project

We appreciated a visit from Sam from Darwin Science this week with a great follow up workshop. Children were engaged and able to develop their learning further! They also had chance to put their creativity into action to create their own river beast and explain their features! 

Colby Woodland Garden-Outdoor Learning


AC-8 Use digital technologies creatively to communicate, find and analyse information

AC-4 Can communicate effectively in different forms and settings

After researching and finding about information about the water cycle pupils have created their own glossaries. They then used hwb to collaboratively plan their own video ideas. Pupils then used their organised plans to create their own videos explaining the process to others.

Take a look at how they got on!


Ac-2 Pupils are building up a body of knowledge and have the skills to connect and apply the knowledge in different contexts

Pupils prepare for their off site visit to Colby Woodland garden next week. Taking part in the Darwin Science Project has encouraged children to participate in researching and  investigating for themselves so that they can arrive with prior knowledge! #Ambitiouscapablelearners


They have begun today by exploring and creating their own branch key databases on hwb to show how they can identify different creatures.