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The Greatest Showman

Immersive Day

An immersive day helped to stimulate the children's imaginations. Watching clips and listening to tracks from the film allowed them to gather a wide range of vocabulary and begin to think about what they wanted to learn about as part of the topic. We were amazed at just how much the children felt they could learn from the film and we are now excited to see where it might take them next.

EC-6 Express ideas and emotions through different media

This Is Me - unique self portraits

Children have been using a range of mediums to create their stunning self portraits! They are super proud of their work! Well done everyone!

Enterprising Creative Contributors

Pupils have been researching a range of possible products that they feel could be a possible item to sell at our upcoming enterprise event. They have gathered their favourite ideas and created a pic collage.

Children have been busy surveying staff to identify the most popular items and products to sell. They have tallied up their results and used excel on line and j2data to present their data.

AC-7 Understand how to interpret data and apply mathematical concepts

AC-5 Can explain the ideas and concepts they are learning about

The Greatest Show-Parental Engagement

What a super end to a wonderful and inspirational topic. Both the staff and pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the half term exploring a range of learning areas inspired by the film The Greatest Showman.


What better way to share their work and celebrate their learning journey than inviting parents in to see for themselves. Our event also promoted the importance of being unique and following your own dreams. We hope parents found it enjoyable and informative with a clearer idea of our the New Curriculum ahead of us.


Staff and pupils would like to thank parents and friends for the fantastic support. Diolch.

EC-7 Give off their energy and skills so that other people will benefit 

HC-9 Face and overcome challenge

Pupils had fun today participating in a circus skills workshop. They had the opportunity to try and learn new things! They were challenged, had great fun and enjoyed themselves!